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A classic, low-rate Perfect World private server

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    About Azure Classic Azureclassic

    Azure Classic Server Information

    Key Features:

    Classic PWI style
    Our server version is 1.4.6 with 5 races and 10 classes.
    1x Rates (1x EXP, 1x SP and 1x Coin)
    Increased FB rewards
    No OP gears  No rank 9, no rank 8 recast
    Custom drop rates for resources (e.g Gathering resources in the world, such as Sandstone, provide an increased drop rate, just a bit higher than PWI)

    Our latest in-game rules:

    No excessive swearing, racial slurs or any other form of harassment.
    This applies most of all to world chat, which I will be monitoring actively.
    Factions and squads may moderate chat as they wish.

    No abusing of bugs, both in-game and through the account services, such as item or mob duplication.
    Any bugs found should be reported promptly on the forums, or through private message to myself(Azure).

    There should be a maximum of 2 clients per person, that's at most 2 characters online at any time simultaneously.
    If running multiple clients, 1 must be blue name at all times. The 2 characters should never both be taking part in anything that involves fighting other players.
    This means under no circumstances, should anyone EVER have 2 characters online that are both taking part in open world PvP, The Tournament, Theatre of Blood or Territory War.

    We do allow .ini file editing to make small changes to characters, such as hair styles and other minor edits.
    Please keep characters somewhat resembling human form, the only thing we will not tolerate is impossibly thin characters, making them harder to see or select, players breaking this rule will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

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