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    Official Beginner's Guide Empty Official Beginner's Guide

    Post by Admin on Tue Feb 04, 2020 11:22 am

    This guide will contain only information on how Azure Classic differs from PWI, since there are plenty of guides for the official content already available online.

    New players looking to get the best possible start on their character, should aim to level by questing, that way you'll get plenty of coin and spirit to keep up with your skills and gear. Remember this is a classic 1x rates server, and things don't always come easily.

    From level 10 onwards, you'll be able to pick up free charms from Harbinger of Fortune Woyn, he's found in every starting city plus North and South Archosaur (and he keeps handing out charms up to level 70!)
    That way you can save up your event gold for something a little more exciting, like a flight or some fashion.

    If you're feeling lonely, don't worry, you'll get plenty of teleacoustics to world chat and find others, you'll get free teles in your supply stash and every time you pick up your Call to Duty tabs (FB) to help you find a squad.
    On the topic of FBs, the rewards for completing them are greatly increased, when you use your tabs, you'll get lots of experience and reputation.

    Upon reaching level 30, you can take part in Celestial Tigers, on this server it's one of the most rewarding events.
    The event is easy to join in, you have to contribute to kill as many Tiger mobs as you can, and then join up with the other players to fight the bosses. The players who contribute the most, get the best rewards.
    You'll get experience, and even some bonus event gold for completing the event. Plus in every reward pack you have the chance to win some rare items.

    When you reach level 50, you'll need a Perfect Iron Hammer to open your Supply Stash, and the Chest of Coins that comes with it, but don't worry, they're available in the webshop in return for simply voting for the server.
    The General Summer's weapon from the Supply Stash is a must have as you progress to tougher dungeons.

    Are you wondering why there's no packs to be seen in the boutique or event boutique?
    That's because they never were good for the economy in Perfect World. Don't worry, we still have tokens and packs! Here they're earned in other ways, you can purchase them from the PW Boutique Agent for coins and you can earn them from your BH3 quests everyday.

    If you're leveling fast and have made it to level 80, there's a little added bonus in the supply stash. You'll need a Perfect Iron Hammer again, but you'll get 500 Herb Yunxiao and 300 Crab Meat Jiazoi, the best potions you can get.

    I'll be adding to this guide slowly, if you have any suggestions let me know.


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